Connor  Paddon: Toronto based young  entrepreneur


Connor Paddon is a young entrepreneur from Toronto who has achieved a lot in his life. He is the founder of and CEO at OnSchedule, which is an appointment scheduling software company, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He has also established a car rental company in Canada called the VIP Exotics. He has been in consultation with various e-commerce stores including Grace Maternity which competes with GAP and has established over 10 e-commerce stores that have sold for over 120 thousand dollars in a span of 4 years.

Connor PaddonHe has been featured on thrillest, supercompressor,, uncrate and others, Connor Paddon has over 500,000 dollars in sales on Flippa marketplace. He has also formulated the instant quote tool API that changed the face of the SEO industry. He created an API that brings in a website and provides an instant introduction to potential clients on OnSchedule. He is one of the youngest startup entrepreneurs with 5 companies in his belt in the SEO industry. He also runs a blog called in which he talks about how to run and expand a business online and hiring people and conversing with investors to expand the money he received.

Early life

At the young age of 17, Connor Paddon took the road less traveled and dropped out of school to pursue a career in entrepreneurship. He founded SearchBoost in 2013, which went on to become one of the leading companies in the SEO industry. Connor has the capacity to understand the troubles of complex algorithms and has led SearchBoost to expand in both United States of America and Canada. Searchboost is a very efficient option for businesses looking to invest in marketing. SearchBoost has made its name amongst mega associations which have more staff compared to SearchBoost.

Conner had built the Quick Quote Tool after realizing the troubles that many businesses have to go through for getting quotes and was forced to pay money ranging from 150 dollars to 10,000 dollars per month. The Quick Quote Tool gathers data from Google’s API and runs algorithms which gather data to calculate the range of difficulty of ranking keywords based on more than 50 factors. The tool will show how much businesses have to pay for SEO depending on the website that has been created.

Latest News

Connor Paddon is an entrepreneur to watch out for and he will soon receive a large sum in 6 figures as SearchBoost will be auctioned on Flippa which is one of the biggest social proofing tools for an online based business. The auction will go on for 8 days and will be the latest talk of the town. Flippa sales are an efficient way to get rid of an online corporation; however, it also gives major credibility for future endeavors taken up by entrepreneurs.Connor Paddon

With such a big auction coming up, and several other companies under him, Connor Paddon has a lot going on in his life. He is surely in the news headlines for a reason. At such a young age, he has achieved a lot and still has a long way to go.