Speeding Up Downloads Using The IDM Crack

As a matter of fact, this post educates you how to add to the download rate of the items downloaded using the IDM Crack; Internet Download Manager, which is used as the download accelerator for the Windows systems. While the internet download manager (IDM) already has the prospective to get the downloads faster, you can further add to the download rate by adding to the number of accessible connections, disabling the rate limiter, clearing the downloaded programs, and listing the downloads for the low traffic times.

Increasing Connections:IDM Crack

In order to speed up your downloads speed, you can increase the number of connections. And for that reason you should pursue the following steps:

Step 1: Open The IDM

First and foremost, open up the IDM; the internet download manager. If you don’t have the IDM first go online to download the one then install it on your computer system to start.

Step 2: Click The OPTIONs Tab

After opening the internet download manager click on the OPTIONs tab. This is a gear-wrought sign at the apex of the IDM window.

Step 3: Click On The CONNETION Tab

Then go ahead and click the CONNECTION tab. It is on the right part of the IDM Configuration page.

Step 4: Change Some Settings

Adjust the connection speed and type. Click the drop-down icon underneath the Connection Speed/Type heading close to the apex of the page, and then click the HIGH SPEED option.

  • The high rate option is titled HIGH SPEED: Wi-Fi / Direct link (Cable/Ethernet) / Mobile 4G / other.

Step 5: Change The Numbers

Then adjust the number of the available connections. Click the drop-down icon to the right of the Default max. conn. number point, and then click 24,16, or 32.

  • Only do this step if your system, router, and connection kind are all top-performance models. If not, then boosting the connections will in fact cut the download speed.
  • Utilizing the utmost number of connections accessible might get the IP address blacklisted on a few download websites if you download over a file at a time.

Step 6: Save The Settings

Then click OK to save all the setting and changes you have made. It is at the base of the IDM window.

Disabling The Speed Limiter In IDM:

In the IDM Crack to disable the speed limiter you need to pursue the following steps:

Step 1: Click The DOWNLOADs tab

First click on the DOWNLOADs tab. It is located on the upper-left part of the IDM window.

Step 2: Select Your Speed Limiter

Then choose the speed limiter. This selection is close to the base of the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Turn OFF

After that, click on the Turn Off button. Doing this stops the IDM from limiting the download speed.


  • In order to get the maximum out of IDM, optimize the PC’s download rates before going to modify the IDM’s download rates.


  • If you require downloading IDM, make sure that you only do so using the internet download manager’s official website.