Bensons for Beds – Biggest Bedroomware Collections at Your Fingertips

Bensons for beds is the synonym which represent the greatest collections of Oceans Rattan Furniture discount code online. We have been involved in improving the quality of our products with reference to the global and the BS 7177 series of standards for bed and mattress materials. We have a dedicated testing centre where our quality assurance experts. Here we carry out structural testing, skin and health safety, comfort and stress relieving characteristics, support for the spinal cord and elasticity to accommodate easy position shift during sleep. Moreover we evaluate all the standards of aesthetics like design color and pattern.Oceans Rattan Furniture discount code

 Bensons for Beds – Quality by Policy

Our quality policy at Bensons for Beds has been aiming at providing the best of experiences for our customers at the most optimized price range. We have a team of experts who evaluate the quality of all the materials related to the Bedroomware.

  • Health & Hygiene: – Our primary concern is about your family’s health and hygiene. We use only the kinds of materials which are skin and lung friendly, free of allergens.
  • Procurement Policy: – Our procurement policy is based on the demand vs. supply equation. We never over stock our inventory. At the same time we ensure just in time availability according to your requirement. Our approach ensures you get the latest supplies from the manufacturing site.
  • Product Range: – At Bensons for Beds we believe in giving the comprehensive range of products for your need under one roof. This is because of the ease with which you will be able to get the related products without having to search for them. This will also ensure availability during all the seasons of the year.
  • BS-7177 Conformance: – Our conformance to BS-7177 ensures the maximum safety from accidental fire, electrical sparks, general safety, durability and other related factors.Oceans Rattan Furniture discount code

 Bensons for Beds – Dream Products for Dreamless Sleep

Your sleep is said to be completely relaxing and healthy when it is dreamless. This means you have enjoyed a sleep with no disturbance from your subconscious mind. This is possible only when the bed you use has many scientific attributes. At Bensons for Beds our beds and accessories are tested for the following features.

  • Stress Relief: – The layers of our mattresses are designed to extract the physical stress endured by your body all along the day. The top layers of the mattress can wrap around your body and enhance the feeling of comfort. They enable peaceful sleep through natural methods.
  • Contour Support: – At Bensons for Beds we understand the physiology of the human body structure and the various contours. We also consider the body weight and height of our clients while filling our inventory. This allows us to provide the best of user friendly experiences you can expect have.

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